Donovan McNabb

Bernard Hopkins Says Donovan McNabb Is Not Black Enough

While attending grade school, there always seemed to be one kid who received a lion’s share of the verbal abuse for having too many zits, dandruff, bad breath, etc.

Donovan McNabb appears to be this person in the NFL landscape.

McNabb’s detractors ranged from Rush Limbaugh to Terrell Owens to Eagles fans to Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.

Now, the latest person to pile on McNabb is Philadelphia native and respected pugilist Bernard Hopkins.

While being interviewed about his upcoming WBC light heavyweight title bout with Jean Pascal, Hopkins devoted time on Tuesday towards questioning McNabb’s toughness, upbringing, and for some reason, his blackness.

At one point during the interview while referring to McNabb, Hopkins pointed to his skin and let loose.

“Forget this. He’s got a suntan. That’s all.”

B-Hop insinuated that along with guys like Michael Vick and Terrell Owens, he stayed true to his roots, whereas McNabb did not.

As per Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Daily News, Hopkins didn’t stop there.

“Why do you think McNabb felt he was betrayed? Because McNabb is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field. He’s the one who got the extra coat. The extra servings. ‘You’re our boy,’ ” Hopkins said, patting a reporter on the back in illustration. “He thought he was one of them.”

Hayes later pointed out that Hopkins was clearly making a slavery reference.

The McNabb camp declined to comment.

According to, Hopkins and his ill will against McNabb may stem from a slight during the McNabb/Owens era from 2004 to 2005.

The terminology used by Hopkins is a left turn near from “Uncle Tom” territory, which is always a controversial issue in the African-American community.

We are only a few months removed from the Grant Hill-Jalen Rose saga where the former Michigan standout saw his Duke counterpart as an Uncle Tom during their playing days in part because of Hill’s  solid family background.

This takes me back to two things that I absolutely despise when it comes to race talk:

  1. People comparing their lives to slaves.
  2. The “Uncle Tom/You’re Not Black Enough” Card.

Sports millionaires comparing their lives and employment to slavery is extremely insulting and honestly, rather ignorant.

The most damning part of the McNabb/Hopkins equation is the aforementioned part two. In my opinion, referring to someone as “not black enough” or an “Uncle Tom” is a low class move of the highest order.

Using that line suggests that an African-American yearns to be white or perhaps is not genuine in an effort to curry favor with those who are white.

Diminishing someone’s racial identity because they grew up in a solid family is plain foolishness.

As for questioning McNabb’s toughness, he is the same guy that once destroyed the Cardinals while playing on a broken ankle.

Since he is a Redskin at the moment, I guess Eagles fans are supposed to forget that.

Here is hoping that the karma police pays Mr. Hopkins a visit in Montreal on May 21.

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  1. I still remember the Cards’ broken ankle game. Awesome. Mr. Hopkins is obviously a poster child for helmets in boxing, an exposure/age limit or the elimination of the activity altogether. The worst part of all this is he portrays himself as an ambassador for Philly. Great.

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