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Tuesday’s Random Links: May 10

Courtesy of thehuffingtonpost.com/Getty Images

Randy Moss is out in Tennessee…Perhaps San Diego is sensing the departure of Vincent Jackson? They are inquiring about Steve Smith…Another player makes a slave reference towards the lockout…I really want to like the Tampa Bay Bucs, but they keep getting players arrested.

Gus Johnson is officially out at CBS…and in at FOX.  Note the paragraph regarding other CBS personnel not happy with Johnson’s rise.

The many looks of Tom Brady and Erin Andrews from the Kentucky Derby.

A recent study showed NFL players wearing a low grade of helmets.

Kevin Kolb is allegedly headed to Arizona once the lockout ends.

If you care, the NHL chimes in on the lockout.

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  1. Enjoyed the link on the NHL “joining” the court case of the NFL. I will never get the Kentucky Derby hats the women wear…then again, they’re usually dressed to the hilt while wallowing in four inch mud.

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