Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis: Crime Fighter

Listening to many of the NFL talking heads during the labor dispute discuss enhanced schedules, revenue streams, concussions, and health benefits does not make me miss football.

This Ray Lewis interview makes me miss football.

I want to blow someone up after watching this.

Anyhow, Lewis tackled two important concepts during his talk with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

First, he made an observation regarding crime and a lack of football on Sundays. He believes crime will increase since people may not have football to lean on come fall if the lockout stays true.

A weird but somewhat logical point.

When people have too much time on their hands, bad decisions may soon to follow.

Fans, stadium workers, and the players themselves especially may fall under that sizable umbrella.

Lewis’s point may be bizarre but it could definitely have some merit to it over the long haul if the lockout destroys the regular season.

My favorite part of the spot though comes when he is asked about how close the Ravens are to a Super Bowl?

Lewis’s reply was simple.

“Minutes…minutes away.”

Well, at least we know he is ready for some football.

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