JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: Philadelphia Freedom

It’s July 4th weekend. Whatever you do, don’t dress like either one of these men in the picture seen above. No offense Andy.

Either DeSean Jackson is convinced that the NFL is not likely to reach a new CBA anytime soon or he is just plain crazy.

NFL Network’s Top 100 players countdown arrives to a conclusion tonight.

Cold Hard Football Facts looks at the top receivers in average yards after catch. The top receiver in this department will not be a revelation.

A love letter from an 18-year-old Michael Jordan.

Kate Upton is mildly attractive.

LeBron James dunks on a kid at a basketball camp at Richard Stockton College. At least he was nice enough to give the kid some sneakers.  

Speaking of which, it’s likely going to come down to Manning vs. Brady. Derrick Mason doesn’t have Tom Brady in his top two.  

Michael Vick takes a big step in his public image rehabilitation project and signs a deal with Nike.

Cam Newton is in the new GQ and is working on learning Carolina’s playbook.  

Cliff Lee is awesome.

Jon Rauch and John Farrell are not awesome.

Brian Wilson killed a Gatorade bucket twice on Friday night.

It’s the summer and you’re likely involved in a love triangle…or not. If so, read this.

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