NFL Lockout

100 Things I Miss About The NFL

It appears we are days away from a collective bargaining agreement and the expedient return of football.

I figured it was a good time to count the things I miss about the NFL…

  1. Gus Johnson.
  2. The pomposity of the New York Jets.
  3. Rex Ryan press conferences.
  4. Ed Reed knocking people out.
  5. Josh Freeman’s deep ball.
  6. Michael Vick’s deep ball.
  7. The magnificent arrogance of DeSean Jackson.
  8. Michael Lombardi’s BS Report podcast appearances with Bill Simmons.
  9. Philadelphia’s mind-numbing inability to convert on short yardage plays.
  10. Ray Lewis talking about anything.
  11. James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley.
  12. Steelers/Ravens games.
  13. Deion Sanders (as an analyst, he’s somewhat interesting, sort of).
  14. Adam Schefter breaking news.
  15. Incorporating the words “questionable”, “doubtful”, and “probable” into my daily vocabulary.
  16. Bombs and crossing routes from Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings.
  17. Raiders Nation.
  18. Al Davis.
  19. Mike Tomlin.
  20. Play-by-play from Al Michaels
  21. Reading angry tweets about Joe Buck.
  22. The shiftiness of Wes Welker.
  23. Simulating upcoming games on Madden to pass time.
  24. The efficiency of Drew Brees.
  25. Player suits during postgame interviews.
  26. 4:15 NFC games in cold weather.
  27. Eagles fans calling up 610-WIP just to say Dallas sucks.
  28. Learning about recovery time for torn ACLs and sprained MCLs and PCLs.
  29. A Sunday in October featuring an entire day of football followed by a World Series game on FOX.
  30. Trying to figure out where the FOX and CBS A-teams will be each week.
  31. Reading
  32. Getting into an argument with anyone about Peyton Manning’s place in history.
  33. Figuring out if Jim Caldwell is real.
  34. San Diego’s spectacularly dreadful special teams.
  35. Good crowds at Arrowhead Stadium.
  36. San Diego struggling to figure out why they started 2-5.
  37. Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback
  38. Reading Kissing Suzy Kolber’s scathing reviews of Peter King’s MMQB.
  39. Vincent Jackson being unhappy about his contract.
  40. Correctly pronouncing Seyi Ajirotutu.
  41. Paul Allen’s touchdown calls.
  42. Bombs to Mike Wallace.
  43. Revis Island.
  44. The Colts pretending to have a running game.
  45. Touchdown dances by Maurice Jones-Drew.
  46. Player on player Twitter crimes.
  47. Post-game tirades.
  48. Shopping for food to during pregame shows on Sunday morning.
  49. The Sunday 4:15 Divisional Round playoff game.
  50. Complaining about the length of NFL preseason.
  51. Overreacting to Week 1 games.
  52. Eagles games.
  53. Giving thanks that I don’t follow any NFC West team.
  54. Feeling bad for my friends that are Buffalo Bills fans.
  55. The work of Rich Eisen.
  56. Andre Johnson vs. Cortland Finnegan.
  57. Foot jokes.
  58. Waiting for Reggie Bush to become USC Reggie Bush, all the while realizing that day will never come.
  59. Week 17 wild card scenarios.
  60. Blocked punts.
  61. Pick six returns.
  62. T-Sizzle.
  63. Bill Belichick’s press conferences.
  64. Andy Reid saying “time’s yours” during his pressers.
  65. Coaches being evasive about injuries.
  66. Kevin Harlan.
  67. Tracking the exact date that Pittsburgh’s offensive line will get Ben Roethlisberger killed.
  68. Trying to convince my dad that the Eagles aren’t Super Bowl contenders just because they blew out the Washington Redskins.
  69. The yearly burial of Donovan McNabb’s career.
  70. The annual implosion of the Houston Texans during the fourth quarter of games.
  71. Peyton Hillis’ running style.
  72. Snow games.
  73. Championship Sunday.
  74. Super Bowl Sunday.
  75. Playing the “guess the look on Jay Cutler’s face” game.
  76. Having a built-in excuse to eat chicken wings.
  77. Gisele.
  78. Ray Lewis and his pregame dance.
  79. The Ravens talking like they’ve won four Super Bowls.
  80. Raheem Morris.
  81. Watching a Peyton Manning two-minute drill.
  82. Hearing people complain about the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show act.
  83. Staring at my big screen TV for 10 hours without a care in the world.
  84. Seeing Lambeau Field.
  85. Seeing Lambeau Field post-Halloween.
  86. Adrian Peterson running through and by tacklers.
  87. Thanksgiving Day football.
  88. Holding out hope that another punter kicks the ball into the big screen at Cowboys Stadium.
  89. Hearing at least one Eagles fan bring up Donovan McNabb playing air guitar before Philly’s loss to Dallas during the 2009 playoffs.
  90. Aaron Rodgers putting on the championship belt.
  91. Bad placekickers.
  92. Fake punts.
  93. Failed fake punts.
  94. Tony Romo trying to graduate to the Brady/Manning/Brees class of quarterbacks.
  95. Jake Delhomme jokes.
  96. The evolution of Colt McCoy.
  97. The evolution of LeSean McCoy.
  98. Watching the development of game manager supreme, Mark Sanchez.
  99. New England’s passing offense.
  100. Brady & Belichick.

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