San Diego Chargers

LaDainian Tomlinson Believes There Is Something Wrong With Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers just isn’t himself these days by evidence of his Monday night meltdown in Kansas City earlier this week.

One man who believes Rivers’ problems go deeper than X’s and O’s would be his former teammate, LaDainian Tomlinson.

The ex-Chargers running back told the New York Daily News that Rivers suffered from a lack of focus:

When you’re in your prime, you really see the field well. You’re in control out there. I don’t know what Philip may be going through right now. But I will say, to me, he seems distracted for some reason. It just seems like he’s distracted.

Rivers has thrown seven touchdown passes and 11 interceptions this season, which is significantly off from his 2010 totals.

Last season, Rivers tossed 30 touchdowns and only 13 interceptions, while amassing over 4,700 yards through the air.

Even though Rivers’ struggles provide one of the season’s more bewildering storylines, why Tomlinson is providing commentary on what ails the 2011 San Diego Chargers is beyond me.

While Rivers may not be right, Tomlinson offering thoughts on his ex-teammates speaks of someone with sour grapes.

San Diego’s window of opportunity (with LT and post-LT) is rapidly closing but LT should worry about New York’s problems instead.


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