Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Avant Unveils The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule

Philadelphia’s Jason Avant is making waves over controversial comments regarding Eagles fans and their lack of loyalty.

After Sunday night’s 34-7 trouncing of the Dallas Cowboys, Avant told Philly media that Eagles fans are treated with as much regard as opposing fans in another stadium.

“We look at home games like road games. We like to get booed by our fans.”

Avant’s remarks speak of an “us against the world” tone that sunk in once fans rebelled against them following a 1-4 start. Yet, even though the 3-4 Eagles have won two games in a row, Avant says the bandwagon is not welcoming any supporters.

“We don’t want people jumping on our bandwagon now. We want people to go out and still talk bad about us.”

His musings suggest the Eagles are essentially performing a barnstorming tour because Philadelphia fans will not mindlessly support them and ignore players jumping offsides at critical moments and blowing a 20-point lead at home.


Anyhow, you’ll notice the revised ’11 Eagles schedule above. It looks pretty difficult to me. With all of those road games, it’s a wonder the Eagles aren’t 0-7 by now.

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