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Bills Dump Eagles 31-24; Juqua Parker Still Offsides

Philadelphia Eagles Football, version 2011, may be over before it even got into full swing.

The Eagles dropped to 1-4 after losing 31-24 to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

As the Eagles tend to do these days, they lost in grand, mind-numbing fashion. After falling behind 28-7, the Eagles mounted a fourth quarter comeback to draw within seven points despite committing five turnovers on the afternoon.

Leading 31-24 with just under 90 seconds remaining, the Bills lined up for a 4th and 1 from the Philadelphia 49. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick simply wanted to use a hard count to draw the Philadelphia defense offsides.

Such a play rarely works since defenders realize what is coming. Leave it to the Eagles though to be the exception to the rule. Defensive lineman Juqua Parker took the bait, jumped offsides, and effectively ended the game.

It was one of two major gaffes by the Eagles to end halves. At the end of the first half, Michael Vick had the Eagles in position for a field goal. However, with eight seconds and the ball at the Buffalo 26, Vick and the Eagles dialed up another play.

He dropped backed to throw, surveyed the field, and threw the ball out of the end zone. Vick’s extra dancing in the pocket allowed the clock to run out. Thus, no points at the end of the half in the opposition’s territory, which has happened somewhat often during the Andy Reid era.

While they were outgained 489- 331, the 4-1 Bills earned the victory and thoroughly outplayed the Eagles. Running back Fred Jackson totaled 196 rushing/receiving yards along with a touchdown. Meanwhile, safety George Wilson played a sensational game for the Bills with 11 tackles and an interception.

The NFL is a funny sport. One year ago, Vick and Tom Brady were the two of  the top MVP candidates based off of their sensational 2010 seasons.

During Buffalo’s last two home outings, they have intercepted Vick and Brady a total of eight times.

As for the Eagles, they are in a black hole that they are unlikely to escape. Only five teams have reached postseason play after a 1-4 start. The Eagles will not be the sixth.

Goodnight Birds. Thanks for playing.

Note: The Merrill Reese offsides call is a delight.

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  1. I’m surprised at how well the Bills have played this year. Hopefully they keep it up well enough to make the playoffs.

    • Assuming they beat who they are supposed to, remaining three games against Pats/Jets will be huge obviously. They have a shot. Need better D though.

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