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A Collection Of Tweets From The Joe Paterno Firing Saga

Via the Twitter account of @JeffDarlington

Well, there isn’t much more context I can add that hasn’t already been said or typed about the sad and troubling tale of the Penn State disaster.

Unless, you were hiding in a bunker over the last 24 hours, you’ve heard about the termination of Penn State’s head football coach Joe Paterno, along with school president Graham Spanier.

What you’ll see next is a collection of the some of the more entertaining, sad, and informed tweets following the dismissal of Penn State’s only head football coach since 1966:!/cbfowler/status/134469758400737280

Somehow, this guy is still employed…!/SPORTSbyBROOKS/status/134469968501805056

Roddy White has an opinion…!/roddywhiteTV/status/134471853283614720

The first of a few from Jason Whitlock…!/WhitlockJason/status/134479118103355392

Good point, Shalise.!/shalisemyoung/status/134475540202663936

JoePa speaks…!/twithersAP/status/134477452838834176

And the rioting begins…!/LeBatardShow/status/134478710572204033


Amen, part II.!/kathsport/status/134478234216710144!/sportspickle/status/134477863972904961

Wait, back to TV for a moment…!/MadDogUnleashed/status/134479506663673856

Tom Rinaldi of ESPN found some quiet area with bushes.!/MadDogUnleashed/status/134479506663673856!/billbarnwell/status/134484247728754688

I still can’t believe this actually happened…!/awfulannouncing/status/134482388003725312

I still can’t believe this actually happened, part II…!/RichSandomir/status/134482212862173185



Well, you know.!/WhitlockJason/status/134491392079695873!/WhitlockJason/status/134494969586126848

Ashton Kutcher threw his two cents in on the matter by suggesting Penn State was wrong for firing Paterno (later he admitted having no knowledge of the backstory) and was soundly slapped down by Brian Cuban, brother of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.!/bcuban/status/134495805578035200

John Barr is grinding.!/RichSandomir/status/134497180282126336

And then the one about the news van getting tipped over…!/richarddeitsch/status/134497267402018816

And lastly, this.!/SPORTSbyBROOKS/status/134498176597114880

Sadly, this isn’t over.

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  1. I’ve heard the next big reveal in this story is going to be Sandusky trafficking kids to donors. If true, we can look forward to this point as “the good part” of the Penn State scandal

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