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Comparing The Christian Laettner Stomp To The Ndamukong Suh Stomp

Ndamukong Suh received a two-game suspension on Tuesday from NFL boss Roger Goodell after his Thanksgiving Day stomp of Green Bay’s Evan Dietrich-Smith.

Some drew a parallel between Suh’s move and Albert Haynesworth’s stomp of then-Cowboys offensive lineman Andre Gurode back in 2006.

While those two share similar properties (kicking a defenseless player and showing a lack of respect to the sport), I’d like to bring another stomping incident into play.

Let’s take the Doc Brown DeLorean back to 1992.

During the epic ’92 NCAA East Regional Final between Duke and Kentucky, Blue Devils star Christian Laettner intentionally stepped on the midsection of Aminu Timberlake, which drew a technical foul.

As explained in the clip, Laettner admitted to doing it deliberately due to some roughhousing tactics from Timberlake earlier in the game.

Laettner only received a technical and was not ejected from one of the greatest college games of all-time. Of course, throwing out college basketball’s best player at the time during an Elite Eight game with Coach K prowling the sidelines would have been one of the gutsiest acts ever by a referee.

No such luck for Kentucky fans though. Laettner’s game-winning bucket against the Wildcats stands as an iconic moment in college athletics.

One of the big differences between Laettner and Suh is rather obvious. After his kick, Laettner showed an Ivan Drago-level of remorse; while Suh attempted to make up some nonsense about how he simply tried to remove himself from the situation.

Suh’s refusal to be accountable for his actions led to this moment. Hopefully, he learns from it.

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