James Harrison

Apparently, James Harrison Was Amused At His Suspension


Upon receiving the news of his one-game suspension, Steelers linebacker James Harrison fired up Twitter with the all too popular “LOL” tweet.

Harrison, who probably should have been suspended at the season’s start for calling NFL commish Roger Goodell the “devil” along with a gay slur, was suspended on Tuesday after cold-cocking Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy last Thursday night.

As a result, Harrison has lost nearly $200,000 since 2010 over illegal hits leading to fines and in the latest case, a suspension.

The one-game penalty will cost the Pro Bowl linebacker a $73,529 game check.

Harrison’s hit also sparked controversy when Dr. Zaius felt it was a good idea to put a woozy and concussed McCoy back into the contest prior to the quarterback throwing a game-sealing interception to William Gay.

At this point of his career, James Harrison is what he is and based off his Twitter response.

His act is not going to change and he appears to be rather content with that.

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