New England Patriots

Bill O’Brien Follows Sandusky Mess; Is New Head Coach At Penn State

Via Greg M. Cooper - USPRESSWIRE

New England Patriots offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Bill O’Brien was named the new head football coach at Penn State University yesterday, as the Nittany Lions attempt to close the book on the Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno situations.

O’Brien’s star gained notoriety with fans when he got into a sideline screaming match with Tom Brady during a game between the Patriots and Redskins last December.

While fans and former Penn State players express displeasure at the hire, the Nittany Lion brass feel they’ve found their man in O’Brien.

Skeptics are likely to suggest his lack of experience as a head coach and where he currently coaches in the NFL. In other words, Tom Brady can’t help but make offensive coordinators look good because of his mastery of the quarterback position.

Regardless, unless it was a big name, PSU supporters weren’t going to be satisfied. Following a legend is never easy and O’Brien does seem willing to accept the challenge.

It’s a gamble but at this point, what does Penn State have to lose?

Also, who else was a viable option? Gruden? Cowher? Dungy?

Is Bill O’Brien my favorite candidate? Nope. Was there someone better that was readily accessible? Doesn’t appear so. Thus, here we are.

Meanwhile, O’Brien will finish out the postseason with the New England Patriots before taking over full-time at Penn State.

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