nfl playoffs

NFL Wild Card Picks Party

To those whose teams I pick against, it’s nothing personal just business. I don’t hate your teams. At worst, I’m probably not fond of your quarterback.

Without furtherado, here are your blog mandated picks for Wild Card weekend.

By the way, I have no interest in laying points or teasers. I just go straight up. It’s the only way to fly.

Cincinnati at Houston – The “We’re Just Both Happy To Be Here” Bowl is a dead heat due to T.J. Yates, a possible cameo by Jake Delhomme, and Andy Dalton’s flu. It’s a tough game to call but the Texans have the best player (Arian Foster) and a better defense.

FINAL: Houston 20, Cincinnati 16

Detroit at New Orleans – I wouldn’t be shocked if Detroit wins this game. However, after allowing Matt Flynn to throw for 481 yards and six touchdowns last week in a quasi-meaningful game for Detroit, I can’t possibly pick them. Meanwhile, the Saints can run and throw it. Plus, I don’t have to worry about any of their defenders getting tossed for illegal behavior.

FINAL: New Orleans 41, Detroit 30

Atlanta at New York – I think this is the toughest game of the week to call. The Atlanta offense nearly has all of the tools to be an elite offense except for one thing…an elite quarterback. If Tony Romo is the Charlie Brown of quarterbacks, Ryan is Linus; a non-threatening character on a relatively important stage. I’m not a Giants Kool-Aid sipper but I don’t Ryan will get it done on the road. Also, I think Atlanta’s defense is ordinary. It’ll be close in fourth quarter but Eli will do what Eli does and the Giants will be off to Green Bay.

FINAL: New York 28, Atlanta 24

Pittsburgh at Denver – Short of Terry Hanratty taking snaps for the Steelers on Sunday, I don’t see a way to win for the Broncos. Even if Chaz Batch makes an appearance, I still believe Pittsburgh can scratch out 17 points to win it. A banged up Steelers team is still better than the Tebows, who backed into, through, and around the playoffs. By the way, is this the greatest good versus evil playoff game ever? Tim Tebow versus James Harrison, Hines Ward, and Ben Roethlisberger! Too bad Denver can’t score.

FINAL: Pittsburgh 20, Denver 3

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