Denver Broncos

The 25th Anniversary Of The Drive: Second Half Highlights

A day after the 30th anniversary of The Catch, we’ve arrived to the 25th anniversary of The Drive, perhaps the signature moment in John Elway’s Hall of Fame career.

The Broncos marched 98 yards for a game-tying score late in the fourth quarter before Rich Karlis knocked through an overtime field goal to put Denver into Super Bowl XXI.

Above you’ll find the second half and overtime in condensed form. Enjoy it.

That stirring behind you is the NFL fun police ready to pull this video down.


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  1. As great of a moment as the Drive was, it was a miserable and boring game for the first 53 minutes. I never thought “The Fumble” got enough credit for how exciting of a game it was. If you want to see a compelling football game, watch the ’87 (season) AFC Championship.

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