Baltimore Ravens

It’s Joe Flacco’s Party And He’ll Complain If He Wants To…

It seems that Joe Flacco is getting a bit surly as the Baltimore Ravens prepare for their divisional round playoff game versus Houston on Sunday.

The Ravens quarterback addressed the media on Wednesday about the level of scrutiny he has received throughout his career.

Flacco said “I don’t care” regarding the criticism thrown his way about the fourth year quarterback’s up and down play.

He went on to tell The Baltimore Sun that if the Ravens win the Super Bowl, the Audubon, New Jersey native was not likely to receive credit for the team’s ultimate success:

If you look at the teams that won, yeah you can look at the quarterbacks but that’s just because you guys, ESPN, everybody wants to pump them up as being the best quarterback that year. It’s really going to come down to what team is the best,” Flacco said. “I’m sure if we win, I’ll have nothing to do with why we won according to you guys. It is what it is. We’re going to do our best to try to win it and it doesn’t really matter what the reason is.

Flacco is right about one thing. If the Ravens do win it all, the narrative is likely to revolve around Ray Rice and the Baltimore defense; not their starting quarterback.

Can you blame anyone though?

This is the same quarterback who posted poor outings this season against the Jets, Jaguars, and Seahawks; finished 18th in passer rating with an 80.9 mark; and saw his overall numbers took a dip from previous seasons.

The playoffs typically further magnify Flacco’s problems. Against Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger in the playoffs (the only quarterbacks to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl since the 2003 season), Flacco’s record is 1-3.

The lone win came against Brady’s Patriots when Flacco finished the contest 4 of 10 for 34 yards and an interception during a 33-14 win in the 2009 AFC playoffs.

Meanwhile, the three losses exposed Flacco as a player who made critical errors that conspired to cost his team playoff games (1 TD, 6 INTs in those games).

However, Flacco is also wearing the same albatross around his neck those before him like Trent Dilfer, Tony Banks, Kyle Boller, and Anthony Wright wore; the burden of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and the rest of the Baltimore defense.

Since the Ravens throttled the opposition to win Super Bowl XXXV behind one of the greatest defenses of all-time, the perception in Baltimore has been rather obvious; whoever is the quarterback has one simple mission; don’t screw it up for the defense.

Baltimore facing New Orleans or Green Bay in the Super Bowl could be the Maryland region’s greatest Flacco-induced nightmare. Their conservative, criticized, maligned, game-manager quarterback would face one of the league’s best quarterbacks in a dome and would probably need to score 30 points to win the game.

Cross your fingers and pray for Alex Smith, Ravens fans. A Harbaugh Bowl rematch is Flacco’s only hope for ultimate salvation.

Trying to take down Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, a pair of Super Bowl MVPs, will likely end up as grisly as the conclusion of Last House on the Left for Flacco.

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  1. So far in his career, he’s been Matty-Iceish in that people think he’s not a big-game performer. He can definitely end that with a big postseason this year.

  2. Flacco needs to get them to the Super Bowl and beat Brady in the process. It’s the only way he can turn some of this negativity around. Not everybody is Brees but those are the only guys winning SB’s right now, with the exception of Eli Manning, Captain Helmet Catch.

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