Baltimore Ravens

Meet Lee Evans, The Real Goat Of The AFC Title Game

In the NFC Championship game preview, I referenced teams being forced to play left-handed because defenses will try to takeaway what you do best.

Thus, teams need other players to step up. While Billy Cundiff will take a lot of blame (and rightfully so), the inability of Lee Evans to make a play late in the fourth quarter against New England ultimately kept Baltimore out of the Super Bowl.

After Anquan Boldin beat Julian Edelman like a drum on Baltimore’s final drive, Evans was set to catch a pass that could have put the Ravens up by four and likely land them in the Super Bowl.

When Joe Flacco hit Evans in the end zone, it appeared for a split second that Baltimore was heading to Indy. However, cornerback Sterling Moore stepped in to knock the ball away from Evans.

That can’t happen.

Evans had the ball and nearly got a second foot down in the end zone before Moore easily removed the ball from the receiver’s grasp.

Evans could have used some ball security in one of the game’s most critical plays. As a result, New England is in the Super Bowl, not Baltimore.

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