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Help Wanted: Valentine’s Day Tales Of Success…Or Woe.

Greetings good citizens.

As you are aware, one of the biggest events of the year lurks in the shadows.

I must be talking about the Super Bowl, right?

Nope. Not even close. I’m referring to Valentine’s Day.

After reading the Deadspin story this week about the poor sap who wanted to pay someone $500 to learn about football after he lied to impress a girl, I figured it was time to step in and speak out against such loathsome behavior.

Now, it will not take the help of one person. Instead, it will take the proverbial village to restore our faith in humans.

So, I’m looking for tips/do’s-don’ts/stories from the guys and girls of Joe Montana’s Right Arm regarding Valentine’s Day.

Please e-mail all correspondence to jmontanasrightarm@gmail.com.

This will be a part of Valentine’s Week that will ensue from February 7 to February 14.

Besides the usual NFL fare, Valentine’s Week is an effort to cover a treasure trove of relationship topics including:

  • The first date technique of spending lavish amounts of money for a hug and the very popular “I made it home safely” text only to never hear from the person again.
  • The Friends Zone
  • Why dating and the NFL Scouting Combine is essentially the same thing.
  • And, the first-ever movie live blog of a film that was made only to crush the soul of men (and no, it’s not Topher Grace and Anne Hathaway’s Valentine’s Day).

So, we’ve got some fun on the way in two weeks.

We aim to help and educate at this blog. Therefore, we don’t want you sitting on a stool outside of an abandoned home in the middle of nowhere¬†while listening to Bo Diddley after Valentine’s Day.

Remember, send questions/stories/tips for guys and/or girls to jmontanasrightarm@gmail.com.

Now, we return you to regularly scheduled blogging.

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