Denver Broncos

Poll Me: How Many Games Will Peyton Manning & The Denver Broncos Win In 2012?

Peyton Manning will make the Denver Broncos an AFC contender in the preseason hype publications that will start to filter out onto newsstands soon after April’s draft.

However, Denver faces seven 2011 playoff teams next season and may be hard-pressed to make significant headway in the AFC.

Heading into the 2012 season, New England, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh will be among the AFC favorites to reach New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII.

But where does Denver fit into that picture?

Last time America saw Denver’s defense, Tom Brady shot bullet holes through it in the AFC playoffs.

Meanwhile, their offense has a collection of talented but unspectacular skill players.

Much like Brett Favre did for the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, Manning will change the composition and texture for the Broncos though, who no longer will need to win a slew of 17-10 games.

But how far can he take them?

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  1. I looked over the schedule for Denver in 2012-13 and with Peyton it looks like 12 wins or more.

    Also, I am confident that Denver will pick up several of the former Indy players that are now free agents especially as Peyton wants them.

    Assuming Peyton is healthy, and I believe he is, he will be ready and his norm is 12-4…but Denver will be better than Indy was so I am looking for a slightly better record than that as their schedule looks realtively easy to me.

    Peyton is the only quarterback playing today who is worth more than the traditional 7 points allotted for a starting quarterback. I would say Peyotn means as much as 10 points to Denver so look for them to be very, very good.

    Further, they will play even better with the influence that will rub off from Peyton as he is a workoholic who nearly always performs.

    Denver has a great shot at the SuperBowl this year with Peyton. The chemistry that develops will be the key plus they must get rhythm of playing together down pat to go to the SuperBowl.

    Here is my prediction….

    If Peyton gets to the SuperBowl with Denver this year…HE WINS IT!!!

    I call Peyton a modern day John Unitas!!!

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