Barack Obama

Comparing Barack Obama’s Throwing Motion To Great Quarterbacks…And Presidents

Hope. Change. Intercepted.

Barack Obama tweeted this picture on Monday of him throwing a pass downfield while paying tribute to Friday Night Lights in the process.

I’m somewhat skeptical of Obama’s throwing motion. If this throw was unleashed during a game, I believe it might have too much air under it and would be picked off by a safety providing over the top help in Tampa 2 coverage.

While I’m daydreaming regarding the President’s throwing motion, let’s take a gander at other great throwing motions:

Aaron Rodgers: Classy. Professional. Accurate. 

Tom Brady: Crisp. Efficient. Triumphant. 

Eli Manning: Blessed. Lucky. Stores horseshoe in helmet. Gets it done. His own man. 

Brett Favre: Gunslinger. Season-ending interceptions. Stat machine. 

Johnny Unitas: Epic. 

Joe Montana: Cool. Confident. Probing. Championships. 

George W. Bush: Incomplete. Low trajectory. Worm-killer. 

Ronald Reagan: Firm. Focused. “Where’s Ricky Sanders?” 

Obama has some work to do before he can approach the aforementioned NFL titans or the accuracy of Reagan’s celebratory toss to Sanders.

However, if Obama can beat Mitt Romney in November, he’ll have some opportunities to throw to a few more Super Bowl champions.

Put some more leg into it Barry.

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