New Orleans Saints

Tom Benson Doesn’t Have Sean Payton…But He Has The Number One Pick In The 2012 NBA Draft

Things are finally looking up for New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson after months of bounty talk and suspensions.

Benson, who is set to become the next owner of the New Orleans Hornets, was in attendance on Wednesday night to see his new club win the NBA Draft Lottery.

It is expected that the Hornets will take Kentucky standout center Anthony Davis with the first overall pick in next month’s draft.

While this is a happy day for New Orleans, some are taking a skeptical approach to the Hornets winning the lottery.

As Benson awaits final approval to take over ownership of the team, the NBA still owns the Hornets.

Back in December, the NBA nixed a trade that would have sent Chris Paul from the league-owned Hornets to the Lakers due to “basketball reasons”.

When the Hornets claimed the first overall pick in the ’12 draft, the conspiracy theorists appeared…namely, Bill Simmons.

And then…

Congratulations, New Orleans. Get ready for a collection of articles questioning the NBA’s integrity again.


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