Jason Babin

Jason Babin Is Crazy…Wants To Run With The Bulls

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin recently told the media about his desire to run with the bulls in Pampalona, Spain.

Babin’s comments in The Philadelphia Inquirer regarding why he wanted to do it were slightly confusing:

“It’s kind of a rite of passage,” Babin said Wednesday after his first spring practice. “It’s a stamp. I guess in my brain I have a figurative ‘man card’ that’s got certain punches that need to be punched out.”

A man card that needs punching out?
Oh, playing in the NFL at the moment isn’t manly enough? Reportedly, Michael Vick will attempt to talk him out of this.
Meanwhile, teammates Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce know that Babin might have a screw loose.
Jason, are you aware these types of interests fall into the “things I should do after I retire” department?
I can’t imagine this will go down nor should it.
It’s the whole concept of a man getting trampled to death that might cause the Eagles front office to express great concern.

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