New England Patriots

You Can Buy The Steven Tyler Sparkling Patriots Scarf On eBay

One of our readers posted a link to an eBay auction on Tuesday morning for the homemade Steven Tyler Patriots scarf that Aerosmith’s lead singer wore during New England’s victory over Baltimore in the AFC title game last January.

The auction’s description reads as follow:

This is for the actual scarf worn by Steven Tyler during the National Anthem of the AFC Championship game on January 22, 2012. The game was between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. Mr. Tyler borrowed the scarf from my friend for the anthem, then returned the scarf to her and autographed the scarf. The auto states “Kerry, I.O.U. Steven Tyler. I believe if you Google Steven Tyler Patriots Scarf you can find out more info about the scarf itself. You will also receive the Myra Kraft pin on the scarf. 

At the moment, the high bid is for $147.50.

Get on your game Patriots fans.

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