Philadelphia Eagles

Jeffrey & Christina Lurie To Get A Divorce – BRING BACK THE KELLY GREEN.

It’s Divorce Week around the NFL as Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie & wife Christina are the latest to split.

Word curiously trickled out of Eagleville on Independence Day that the couple is getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage.

A letter was sent to Eagles employees regarding the news, stating the soon-to-be ex-Mr. & Mrs. Lurie will remain friends and “continue to work together as partners.”

While there are many behind-the-scenes questions looming regarding split, I’m tackling one picked up by Philadelphia Daily News Eagles beat writer Les Bowen:

So, does this divorce announcement make the Eagles less hoity-toity, in any way? The main question I got on Twitter Wednesday night was whether the Eagles would now go back to their traditional kelly green, the color Christina famously disliked. She always portrayed it as both of them dislking it and preferring the midnight green she chose. Maybe now we’ll know.

That’s right. I’m not worried about the family (I would be if I knew them, of course) or how this could potentially hinder Philadelphia’s football operations.

Nope. I’m worried about them wearing kelly green jerseys again.

I know, I’m a misguided soul.


I’ll never get tired of watching that.

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