Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson Was Arrested On Saturday Morning

The Houston Chronicle reports that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested in Houston early Saturday morning for resisting arrest.

Peterson is still in jail and could be released pending a post on a $1,000 bond.


TMZ obtained comment from Daniel Maher, general manager of Live at Bayou Place, the spot where Peterson was eventually arrested.

He described Peterson as very drunk and that he “looked very scary.”

Maher went on to describe the events that led to the arrest:

Maher says Peterson was throwing his ego around and making people mad, so they put him in the VIP area. Maher says when the club was closing, he rushed over to the bar to try and order one last drink and when he wouldn’t Maher says Peterson “tried to intimidate the bartender” into selling it to him.

According to Maher, that’s when he intervened, but Peterson continued to be “unreasonable.” That’s when Maher says the off-duty cop intervened, and, as TMZ first reported, Peterson proceeded to shove him.

Peterson reportedly apologized for actions but still ended up in jail.

No matter how many times you apologize, pushing an off-duty cop is not the way to go.

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