JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: Adrian Peterson Goes To The Clink

The week leading into and immediately following Independence Day can be a snooze in the news department because folks are in party and/or vacation mode. Thanks to Adrian Peterson, so much for that…

Adrian Peterson’s tweet from Sunday is backed up by some rather interesting details regarding the Houston Police Department and his arrest. When it comes to the matter of Peterson’s reputation versus that of the Houston Police Department….advantage Peterson.

Due to a vacation last week, I haven’t had an opportunity to sink my teeth into the Eli vs. Romo debate conjured up by ex-Giant receiver Amani Toomer. Following his comments, Toomer didn’t back down from his pro-Romo stance.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe examines the Wes Welker contract situation. It makes a lot of sense for the Patriots to pass on giving Welker an extension at the moment.

As a veteran of the little league baseball scene in Georgia, this fight between two parents in Columbus isn’t exactly the most surprising incident.

As of July 8, 2012, Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s best player. Tom Brady is second only because of a bizarro intentional grounding penalty and slightly overthrowing Wes Welker. He is not behind Drew Brees, Mr. Jaworski.

Roger Goodell upheld his decision regarding the suspensions of players involved in Bountygate.

Sean Payton and Jeff Lurie are the latest to join the divorce party parade. Apparently, marriage and the NFL are not a winning combination.

Former 76ers General Manager Billy King traded a small country to acquire Joe Johnson.

An eight-year-old kid is in college. Yup, we’re underachievers.

If you’re not reading Bill Barnwell’s NFL stuff on Grantland, you need to start now. He takes a look at NFL travel.

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