Washington Redskins

That Awkward Moment When Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, & Daniel Snyder Hung Out

In much happier times…

While Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes try not to mention the words “Suri” and “Scientology” together in the same sentence, I figured it was an appropriate time to review one of the more bizarre scenes in recent Redskins history.

Back in August 2006, Cruise joined forces with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder in a business partnership to support the former’s movie career after a falling out with Paramount Studios.

Snyder signed a two-year deal with Cruise’s production company to finance the movie star’s film projects.

The agreement led to the strange photo-op from the Snyder’s box on Monday night, September 11, 2006 during a Vikings/Redskins tilt.

Monday Night Football treated TomKat to an awe-inspiring Brad Johnson vs. Mark Brunell quarterback battle in a 19-16 Minnesota victory.

Before Adrian Peterson ran over NFL defenders and allegedly pushed off-duty officers, Chester Taylor was Minnesota’s go-to-runner and one of the team’s lone offensive bright spots.

Hopefully, Holmes and Cruise were not put to sleep by Taylor’s underwhelming 31 carries for 88 yards and a score.

The dreadful Monday Night Football opener was a sign of things to come for both teams; Washington finished 5-11, while Minnesota limped to a 6-10 finish.

Eventually, the Cruise/Snyder deal cooled…and so did TomKat.

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