New England Patriots

Tom Brady Stares At People In CVS & Gets Busted For Offering Candy To A Child

Tom Brady is back in front of the camera but this time as a pitchman for CVS and Unreal Candy.

The Patriots quarterback participates in a staring contest at the drugstore with unsuspecting customers, whom have no idea that Brady is lurking behind a curtain as their competition.

Later in the spot, Brady offers a kid some candy from a car, which promptly leads to his arrest.

Either this is a part of Brady’s prep for his post-football career or he is trying to re-position himself for another run at Saturday Night Live.

Regardless, he is a hoot.

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  1. I just think Tom Brady had too many hits leveled on his head prompting him to do a commercial engaging in a stare contest. That’s what a football career will do to ya!

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