New England Patriots

Bob Kraft Issues A Statement Regarding His Bad Language And Rudimentary Acting Skills

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft released a statement on Wednesday regarding an audition video that reached You Tube featuring 32-year-old gal-pal Ricki Noel Lander.

The audition was for an upcoming Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn filmed called The Internship. Kraft acknowledged he has a long way to go before winning an Oscar:

“I tried to help Ricki prepare an audition tape for an upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy by reading Wilson’s lines. I never intended that it would be made public and I regret that it has. I think we can all agree that Owen Wilson has nothing to worry about. I am going to stick to my day job.”

Good job by Kraft to snuff this out before anything became of it, especially since the NFL shield appeared in the video if you watch closely.

The Around the Horn crew on ESPN wondered if the NFL might investigate the situation.

Investigate him for what? Delivering the line “f–k you, p—y” with a verve that would make Steven Wright seem like Jim Carrey?

Let the man be.

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