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Scenes From The ESPYs Featuring Gronk, Tim Tebow, Aaron Rodgers, & Zooey Deschanel

Tim Tebow was all over the ESPYs on Wednesday night but perhaps he should have taken time out of his obligations to offer Rob Gronkowski a tip on how to button his collar.

Surely, America’s favorite tight end probably disliked wearing shirts and ties; while giving the impression that he was a frat bro dying to get out his monkey suit so he could rage throughout Los Angeles nightlife.

I fully expect the sports blogosphere to be popping on Thursday and full Gronk pictures from trendy Los Angeles clubs.

In other news, I’d prefer Summer Finn, destroyer of men, not be anywhere near the NFL MVP:

Of course, one can’t have a quirky awards program, without the Queen of Quirkyness herself, Zooey Deschanel…

Elsewhere, this picture Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas hanging out with Lindsay Vonn does not bring back fond memories for Steelers fans:

Tebow and Thomas won an ESPY for their walk-off touchdown against the Steelers in the playoffs.

Other than that, all you need to know about the ESPYs is that LeBron James won a lot of stuff, Eric LeGrand is great, and Lakers fans are happy Steve Nash is in purple & gold.

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