LeSean McCoy

DynastyGate: LeSean McCoy Agrees; Eagles Can Become A Dynasty

Michael Vick ruffled a few feathers last week when he talked about the Eagles being on the cusp of a dynasty.

Teammate LeSean McCoy spoke with Michael Barkann and Ike Reese on sports-talk radio station 94 WIP in Philadelphia last Friday to discuss Vick’s comments.

McCoy backed Vick’s bout of overconfidence:

“I believe Mike. If you look at our team you can see the players stand out and not just the players but Andy Reid speaks for himself with the work he has put in and his resume. We can be a dynasty, it’s just a matter of going out and performing. I think these last two years we should definitely at least be in the running to get two championships. We have the potential.”

Should have been in the running for the last two championships?!??!??!

Oh lord.

Well, they started 4-8 last year and then ended their 2010 season by throwing the year’s biggest pass to Riley Cooper. Green Bay is probably still enjoying a hearty chuckle over that decision.

Unfortunately, we should learn by now that the Eagles have a rather bizarre interpretation of where they stand amongst the NFL’s upper crust.

It would be great if a player could possibly say “let’s worry about winning one Super Bowl before uttering the word ‘dynasty’.”

Nope. Instead, hope and foolishness springs eternal. It appears Philadelphia will be saddled with the bastard child of the Dream Team.

Dynasty applies to great and powerful entities…or Blake Carrington, who was mentally strong enough to defeat a hypnotized woman wielding a gun.

The Eagles don’t fall under either category.

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