News and Notes

Rundown: James Harrison/Ken Stabler, MJD, Justin Blackmon, & More

Apparently, James Harrison doesn’t remember Super Bowl XI or Ken Stabler’s career for that matter.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert says the last offer to Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace is off the table.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek sprained his MCL. The Eagles claim they are fine at tight end (rolling eyes…) and claim they don’t need Jeremy Shockey…for now.

A NYT season preview on the New York Giants.

Surprise! Detroit’s Kevin Smith says Lion misconduct needs to stop now.

Maurice Jones-Drew plans on holding out in Jacksonville.

In other Jaguars holdout news, Justin Blackmon is not under contract. This scene appears to be a contractual sticking point.

Just call them the Cleveland Eagles: Former Birds team president Joe Banner is a part of a group that wants to buy the Browns.

Minnesota’s Percy Harvin wants to bring a championship to Minnesota. Good luck with that kid.

Photo Credit: Modern Hombre

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