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Man Clotheslines Teenager Off Lawnmower; Performs Tebowing

One of the more despicable stories of the week developed in Pennsylvania on Monday when a 17-year-old was attacked while mowing a lawn.

The attacker stopped his car, got out, ran up to Josh Ehrenberg, and then clotheslined him off a lawnmower. At that point, the bizarre story became truly absurd, according to Ehrenberg:

“He clotheslined me off the tractor, and [it] landed on me,” Ehrenberg told reporters. “And did a Tim Tebow before he left, and got back in his car and drove away.”

That’s right. Some fool clotheslined a man and then felt it necessary to get his Tim Tebow on.

We have people committing assault and Tebowing after the fact.

What’s next?

An 82-year-old man speaking to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention?

Nah, maybe not. That sounds too crazy.


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