Lauren Tannehill

Your Last Glimpse Of Lauren Tannehill On Hard Knocks Involved Handy Work

Somewhere in the recesses of your adolescent mind, you believed the enduring image of Lauren Tannehill from Hard Knocks would involve her frolicking on the beach or rooting for her husband in the rain.

Whatever the case, you expected her to look glamourous right?

Well, HBO had different plans on Tuesday night.

During the season finale of Hard Knocks, Mrs. Tannehill and her husband attempted to put together a small desk…poorly.

Hey, I’m not Bob Vila but these two looked at the thing as if they were trying to disarm a missile.

Of course, the Twitter universe had a different view.

Really dude? 

And that’s why HBO puts her into the show…

I don’t know what all that means but no emoticons bro.

Let me guess…you want to know what they majored in at college?  

Now, American males must lie in wait for the next time some blogger takes a screen capture shot of Lauren Tannehill.

Best of luck with that fellas.

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