Robert Griffin III

Erin Andrews Practices “Griffing” – The Latest Version Of Tebowing

The latest craze in posing?


Yes, Robert Griffin III is on fire these days after torching the Saints in Week 1.

When RG3 connected with Pierre Garcon on an 88-yard touchdown pass last Sunday, FOX cameras caught the Redskins quarterback celebrating with both arms extended in the air while sitting on the turf.

The image is picking up a little steam and leading to America’s newest pose.

As demonstrated by Erin Andrews, “Griffing” may become the next Tebowing.

Well, if John Madden said RG3 is a Tim Tebow that can pass and Andrews supports it, then Griffing’s popularity may eventually outweigh Tebowing.

Oh, who am I kidding?

That probably will not happen.

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