Denver Broncos

You Stay Norv, San Diego: Peyton Manning Turns 24-0 Deficit Into 35-24 Win

During an NFL weekend that saw Philadelphia and New England blow double-digit fourth quarter leads, San Diego one-upped them by offering one of the great collapses in NFL history.

After leading the Broncos 24-0 at halftime, San Diego fell underneath an avalanche of turnovers and three Peyton Manning touchdown passes to fall 35-24.

How does a team blow a 24-0 halftime lead? Let’s take a look at the result of San Diego’s second half possessions:

  • Fumble, returned for a TD by Denver.
  • Punt
  • INT
  • INT
  • INT, returned for a TD by Denver.
  • Fumble

That’s right. They committed FIVE TURNOVERS in the second half.

Denver scored 35 unanswered points, becoming the first team in NFL history to trail by 24 and win by double digits.

Phil Rivers went from being the toast of San Diego to a third-rate quarterback in the span of 30 minutes.


The Broncos and Chargers are now tied atop the AFC West at 3-3.

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