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NFL Week 7 Pickage

I blame last week’s shabby picks on having wedding brain at about 2:45 last Sunday morning.

However, I do owe a debt of gratitude to Peyton Manning. He saved me from an 0-3 week.

Yet, he accomplished two far more important tasks. Not only did he lead one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history but he also launched one of the top columns of the season.

Jason Lisk did a great job of explaining why so many comebacks have occurred and with statistical evidence provided.

Throw, throw, throw, throw your way back into the game.

Anyhow, here are your Week 7 picks:

GIANTS 24, BOB GRIFFIN 13 – Everyone has spent this week extolling the virtues of RG3 and some went as far to call him “Black Jesus.” Meanwhile, the Giants are coming off an impressive win in San Francisco and have plenty of motivation to defend their turf against the Redskins. Incredibly, Washington swept them in 2011. I’m sure Tom Coughlin reminded his troops a time or 25 about that this week.


  1. The winner of this game will earn home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs.
  2. The winner of this game WILL LOSE in the AFC playoffs. Remember, wearing the AFC top seed hat isn’t easy. Since 2003, only the Patriots (’03, ’07, ’11) and Colts (’09) managed to pull that off and go to the Super Bowl.

As for the game, the Ravens will offer a spirited effort but their losses on defense will begin to catch up with them. Houston will rebound after that dreadful loss to the Packers on Sunday Night Football.

STEELERS 21, BENGALS 20 – Cincinnati gave America a clunker last week in Cleveland; while Pittsburgh gave one away in Tennessee. Pittsburgh needs a win and going 2-4 isn’t conducive to making a lengthy postseason run. Cincinnati showed their a lightweight club last week and Sunday night’s game isn’t in their pay grade yet.



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