Carolina Panthers

Sham Newton: Frustrated Panthers QB Calls For Suggestion Box

Following a disappointing 19-14 home loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Cam Newton let his frustrations fly in a post-game press conference.

Newton sulked throughout the presser and said that the last few games have been the “same script by the same director.”

The Auburn Tiger did offer some measure of accountability by blaming himself to a degree for the team’s struggles.

Newton may turn some heads with his comments that seemed to be pointed at the offensive coaching, in particular offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.

The second-year-quarterback wondered aloud about the team’s struggles. “Whether it’s me, I don’t know…whether it’s the coordinator, I don’t know.”

It continued when Newton was asked about the running game’s struggles. His response was telling.

“I’m not the playcaller.”

Newton preached more balance on offense and belabored things on the offense being the same.

At interview’s end, Newton was asked about how the team can get back to being more productive. He responded by saying he will bring in a suggestion box to take suggestions from the media because he doesn’t have the answers.

As my mom often says, Newton is showing his hindpot.

Translation: Cam is being highly immature.

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  1. Cam’s true colors are showing now that the team is losing and struggling. His INT didn’t help them any today. He has thrown more INTs than TDs this year. But instead of focusing on that he throws the Offensive coord. under the proverbial bus. Same one that made him look good his rookie year.

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