Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman Calls Out Jim Harbaugh

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is on a roll these days.

Two weeks ago, Sherman called out Tom Brady in the aftermath of Seattle’s upset win over the New England Patriots.

In the days to follow, Sherman cited Isaac Newton while taking another shot at Brady.

Sir Richard Sherman is back at it again – this time calling out 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Following San Fran’s highly controversial 15 13-6 win over Seattle last Thursday, Harbaugh didn’t appreciate the lack of flags thrown against the Seahawks secondary.

Sherman didn’t appreciate Harbaugh’s complaints:

“Sometimes, man, when the bully gets bullied, that’s how that happens,” Sherman told Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “He’s the same guy who said the other guy was irrational and ignorant for talking about the refs.”

Ironically, Harbaugh once coached Sherman at Stanford.

In other news, Sherman is paying tribute to Calvin Johnson (dubbed Megatron) this week by switching his Twitter handle to Optimus Prime.

Good on you Mr. Sherman.

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