Denver Broncos

Broncos Fever & Adultery Grip Denver

Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos showed New Orleans who was boss last night on Sunday Night Football in a 34-14 drubbing.

During Denver’s smackdown of the Saints, an NBC camera panned the crowd and stumbled upon on a curious sign.

A Broncos fan brought a sign that read “Champ My Mom Will Leave My Dad 4 U”.

The “Champ” being the illustrious Broncos corner Champ Bailey.

While I’ll never support adulterous activity, this brings to mind “The List” concept couples trot out every once in awhile.

The List refers to an acceptable collection of people (normally celebrities) that your significant other could…well, you know, without repercussions.

Of course, such a concept is absurd for a few reasons:

  1. When would you ever meet one of these specific celebrities? Last I checked, Angelina Jolie and Kerry Washington aren’t hanging near my crib.
  2. Unless you’re a celebrity or human doormat, this normally doesn’t turn out well.

In the age of Ashley Madison and other nefarious ways of meeting people, some folks like to a find a jump off.

However, I’m sure this father doesn’t have anything to worry about since his wife is more likely to hit the lottery than Champ Bailey.

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