Arian Foster

Arian Foster Refuses To Be Painted As A Tomato Can

If the Houston Texans beat the New England Patriots on Sunday, don’t be surprised if running back Arian Foster is one of the first players on the proverbial pulpit spouting a message of disrespect.

In Sunday’s Boston Globe, writer Dan Shaughnessy referred to the Texans as “fraudulent” and “tomato cans” when assessing a rematch between the Texans and Patriots.

Whether he was offended or not, Foster used Shaughnessy’s comments on Twitter as fuel of some sort. Eventually, Foster changed his avatar to Shaughnessy’s remarks.

While using Shaughnessy’s words as fuel rather than spiffy varsity jackets might be more useful for defeating New England, the Texans will need a lot more than propping up sensationalistic remarks from a writer to thwart the Patriots.

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