Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning Ties Brett Favre For Most Postseason Losses In Fitting Fashion

Peyton Manning

Brett Favre’s last playoff loss – the now-infamous 2009 NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints –  established an NFL record for postseason futility.

Favre’s fourth quarter meltdown resulted in his 11th playoff loss and as a result, Minnesota was denied an opportunity to reach Super Bowl XLIV.

After Saturday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional playoffs, Favre now has company in the form of Peyton Manning.

Joe Flacco’s Ravens handed Manning the 11th playoff loss of his career, which ties Favre for the most losses in postseason history.

A 9-11 postseason record hurts any claim for Manning backers that the four-time MVP is the greatest quarterback of all-time…or the second greatest….or the third greatest…or the fourth…etc.,

Oddly enough, Manning’s defining throw of the 2012 season was an interception tossed late over the middle…just like Favre in the ’09 NFC title game.

Looks pretty similar to me.

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