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Poll Me: What Is The Best Super Bowl Matchup?


Whenever we arrive to Championship Sunday, it’s easy to take a sneak peak at matchup might be lurking on Super Sunday.

We’re not going to be saddled with a truly terrible Super Bowl. The worst looking pairing on paper appears to be Atlanta-Baltimore. However, realize a few things about a potential Ravens/Falcons game.

  • Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan were both drafted in 2008.
  • They played in a highly entertaining game in 2010.
  • Ray Lewis’s final game. 
  • Ray Lewis might be forced to re-visit his feelings regarding the double murder that occurred in January 2000…in Atlanta. If you’re not sure about that, the story is being revisited by The Baltimore Sun.

Actually, the worst of the possible matchups would be Atlanta vs. New England. Would anyone pick the Falcons?

Anyhow, take a look and give it a vote.


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