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Chris Rock Accurately Sums Up The State Of NFL Coaching Hires

All eight NFL head coaching vacancies have been filled; and all eight positions opted not to go with a minority candidate.

While this has certainly frustrated the African-American coaching community, it’s also head-scratching to one of America’s funniest minds.

Chris Rock’s tweet is inescapable. Ex-Bears head coach Lovie Smith won 10 games this season and essentially was bumped from the playoff race because Green Bay couldn’t beat Minnesota in Week 17.

Conversely, Andy Reid got a gig quickly with the Kansas City Chiefs after winning just four games in 2012 and just 12 since 2011. Reid finished out his swan song in Philadelphia by losing 11 of his final 12 games as head coach.

Rock is right. It seems a bit bizarre that Smith, who interviewed with the Eagles, Chargers and Bills, got little more than a cursory look during the other head coaching searches.

Reid last won a playoff game in January 2009.

Smith’s Bears last playoff game was a 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the 2010 NFC title game; Chicago starting quarterback Jay Cutler left the game with a knee injury during the same contest.

Each lost a Super Bowl. Smith’s Bears reached two NFC title games, losing in Super Bowl XLI to Tony Dungy’s Indianapolis Colts. Meanwhile, Reid reached the NFC Championship on five occasions and fell to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Since 2005, Smith compiled a 76-52 record; while Reid is 66-61-1. Reid’s Eagles were 3-4 in the postseason over the same stretch. Smith’s Bears were 3-3 in postseason play.

When numbers like this pop up, it can be confusing.

Is grabbing Smith or taking a chance on Ray Horton any worse than hiring the CFL’s Marc Trestman?

After all, Trestman was never an NFL head coach and hasn’t coached in the league since 2003.

What about Doug Marrone? He won two Pinstripe Bowls with Syracuse and finished 25-25 with the Orange.

Prior to his Syracuse stint, Marrone was an offensive coordinator for the Saints from 2006-08.

The hiring of NFL novice Chip Kelly by the Philadelphia Eagles probably didn’t help matters either.

Ultimately, the Rooney Rule (a rule that requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate when filling head coaching or football operations positions) is not making a significant impact at the moment.

As pointed out in Gregg Rosenthal’s article on Friday, the last time an African-American coaching candidate was hired through an external search process came in 2007 when the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Mike Tomlin to be their head coach.

That was six years ago.


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  1. That’s not surprising, that’s American. Racism has not died it’s gone “undercover.” They try to conceal and disguise it but do not be deceived, racism is alive and well in America.

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