LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy Engaged In Absurd, Classless Twitter Brawl With Baby Mama


The ills of athletes on social media reared its sizable and ugly head late Saturday night as Eagles running back LeSean McCoy blew a gasket on Twitter over his baby mama busting his chops.

The woman in question and baby mama, Steph, questioned McCoy’s spelling ability as the star running back spelled vacation incorrectly.

The spelling infraction stemmed from McCoy bragging about being on a vacation.

Well, Steph’s tweet launched a bitter exchange between McCoy and his “BM.” Here is what we learned, which is beautifully laid out by Crossing Broad on Storify:

  • McCoy and Steph had sex about a week after meeting despite Shady not knowing her name. This led to her becoming pregnant. Ah yes, according to McCoy, Steph lied about being on birth control. Uh oh. 
  • During his Twitter rant, McCoy referred to her as a “dirty alley grl.” Of course, that begs the question…”WHY SLEEP WITH HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?” Well, it’s not that easy gents but I digress.
  • McCoy performed oral sex on his baby mama to avoid child support payments.
  • Steph claims that McCoy has herpes.
  • McCoy’s friend named VAR is tied up in this. Evidently, he is spending time with McCoy’s current girlfriend…and they aren’t exactly exchanging recipes.
  • Oh, and McCoy allegedly went to a doctor to get his manhood pumped because it’s too small.

Happy vacation, LeSean.

McCoy eventually tweeted that Steph was a bum and was trying to live off his child support. Of course, she originally contested McCoy’s involvement with the child by saying his disappeared from his life for a four-month stretch.

McCoy eventually deleted his Twitter account on Sunday as a result of the issues after claiming it was “hacked.”

Nice try, LeSean.

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