Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Millionaires, & Chicken McNuggets


Baltimore’s new $120 million dollar man did what any other human would do after signing a contract that makes one the highest paid player in the sport; head to a fast-food facility.

An Aberdeen, Maryland McDonald’s will be forever known as the place Flacco opted to buy his first meal as the NFL’s highest paid quarterback.

Upon arriving to McDonald’s, Flacco ordered a 10-piece McNugget with a sweet tea.

Nothing like 29 grams of fat to ring in a new contract.

Anyhow, Flacco’s press conference to announce the new pact took place on Monday.

A few intriguing details on Flacco’s deal per The Baltimore Sun:

  • $29 million signing bonus.
  • $52 million guaranteed. 
  • During the deal’s fourth year, Flacco’s cap number will be an astonishing $29 million. I’m guessing this will not actually take place.

The only NFL people happier than the Ravens and Flacco on Monday would be Aaron Rodgers and his agent.

The 2011 NFL MVP possesses far better credentials than Flacco, except in one area; playoff wins.

Otherwise, the comparison isn’t even close:

Reg. QB Rating

Playoff QB Rating

Playoff Record

SB Wins

A. Rodgers





J. Flacco





Rodgers is slated to make $9.25 million in 2013 and is an unrestricted free agent in 2015. The question is not if Rodgers will break the bank but when.

If the response of Luke Rodgers (Aaron’s brother) today is any indication, Green Bay will be cutting a rather large check for their franchise star.

Whenever Rodgers signs his mega-deal, hopefully he celebrates by flying to Vegas and going to In & Out Burger instead of a McDonald’s.



via Sherry Norman.

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