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Did You Know Shawne Merriman Retired?


Remember when “Lights Out” Merriman was a thing?

Well, you can officially turn out the lights on the career of linebacker Shawne Merriman (see what I did there?), who announced his retirement via his website on Tuesday.

Merriman, who played in just 33 games since 2008, plied his trade for Buffalo in 2012 and amassed just one sack in 10 games.

Citing a desire to pursue other opportunities and get out of the game while he still could, Merriman’s departure could be the case of a guy who is sensing his own football mortality or is in a state of denial.

Best remembered for his days as a Charger, Merriman’s forgettable run in Buffalo only resulted in just two sacks.

While compiling 39.5 sacks in his first three seasons with San Diego, my lasting memory of Merriman will be laying the foundation for the last playoff road win of the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era.

His “Lights Out” dance served as the impetus for Patriot players to openly mock Merriman’s celebration after New England defeated the Chargers in the 2006 postseason.

And of course, it was that act which led to LaDainian Tomlinson reminding you that he was a classy guy and that Belichick was your average bully.


Thanks for your contributions to the game, Shawne.

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