Fantasy Football

Matthew Berry Hits The Spot In Fantasy Life


ESPN fantasy guru Matthew Berry takes sports fans on an entertaining and enthusiastic ride in Fantasy Life, which will be available in stores beginning on July 16.

The book details the impact of fantasy sports in today’s society through a variety of ways.

Look no further for fantasy’s impact on individuals then Berry himself, who became an active participant long before he cranked out articles and podcasts for ESPN.

Early on in the book, Berry paints a crystal clear picture regarding the meaning of fantasy sports to him. Through baseball and football, Berry’s all-in attitude with fantasy sports comes across smoothly in the 339-page voyage.

Even though Playboy bunnies and professional athletes are among the 36 million people that participate in fantasy sports, the book serves as a tale for every man and woman consumed by competition and an overall desire to win…and make their opponents suffer in the process.

Whether it be Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew attempting to acquire himself in trade with fellow fantasy owner and Chicago Bears star runner Matt Forte; or tales of fantasy drafts in strip clubs, Fantasy Life effectively portrays the strongest fantasy sports fans as a bit crazy but definitely fun.

One of the book’s overall concepts is just how crucial fantasy sports becomes to those involved. It impacts professional and personal lives. Fantasy Life offers stories aplenty about how death, employment (a study is mentioned in the book about employers losing $18 billion in productivity because of fantasy sports), and child birth all get tangled into fantasy sports.

Besides the tales of drafts at strip clubs, men dressed up in drag, and fantasy owners using sexual favors as a part of trades, Fantasy Life can easily be used as a how-to-guide for effectively running a league.

Building tradition, a sense of community through creativity, and making the fantasy experience a rewarding one are all prevailing themes in Berry’s book that can be applied for anyone looking to start their own league.

From the most crushing ways to lose a game to a tribute to unique championship trophies, the book is a great look at why fantasy sports has made such a strong impact over the last 20 years.

At its core, Fantasy Life is a must-read for any fantasy advocate. After all, there aren’t many times in life you’ll see the term “rusty tromboner” and the story of an 87-year-old woman winning a fantasy football title mentioned in the same book.

Good times.

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