Joe Montana

Great Moments In Cold Weather Quarterbacking: Vol. 1

As Lord Peyton Manning prepares to enter a frigid MetLife Stadium and conquer the cold weather on February 2 against the Seattle Seahawks, it’s time to take a look at memorable quarterbacking moments in cold weather. 

Our first stop is in Chicago for the 1988 NFC title game. Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers went into Chicago to tame the Bears in an attempt to reach the franchise’s first Super Bowl in four years.

It was 20 degrees in Chicago with a wind chill of 2. Of course, cue Montana whipping around passes like he is playing in 70 degree weather in California.

(Go to 4:51 mark)

Joe Cool finished 17 of 27 for 288 yards with three touchdown tosses and no interceptions. It was another virtuoso performance by the greatest to ever play the position.

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