Peyton Manning

America Likes “Thugs”: Richard Sherman Has One Of The NFL’s Top Selling Jerseys


Although the hand-wringing over Richard Sherman’s highly publicized post-game interview with Erin Andrews last Sunday has subsided somewhat, the Seahawks cornerback is back in the news.

Earlier this week, the latest rundown of the league’s top-selling jerseys was released and it revealed Sherman having the 10th best selling jersey in the NFL.

Sherman is the only defensive player that appears on a rather quarterback-centric list.

The boisterous Seahawk managed to be one of three Seahawks that finished in the top 10. Teammates Russell Wilson (2nd) and Marshawn Lynch (6th) also appeared on the list.

Peyton Manning, Sherman’s main adversary next Sunday at MetLife Stadium, finished atop the league in jersey sales.

Thus, despite America’s suggestion that Sherman is a “thug,” it appears somebody likes him.

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