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49er Fan Releases 15-Minute Video Claiming NFC Title Game Was Fixed

Days after Seattle claimed its first Super Bowl and Richard Sherman proclaimed the NFC title game as the real Super Bowl, a 49er fan is presenting evidence to suggest that the NFC title game was fixed.

The 15-minute video makes several observations based on bad calls and time mismanagement during San Francisco’s six-point loss in the NFC Championship over two weeks ago.

While the penalty calls reek of some sour grapes (there are bad calls in nearly every game), the time issues are fair points and in some way, appear to impact the game.

However, here is the inescapable truth. The 49ers had a chance to go to the Super Bowl and we know how that ended…

I don’t think the league had anything to gain by keeping the 49ers out of the big game. Seriously, I think they would have been cool about hearing people croon over Peyton Manning and the ghost of Joe Montana.

Plus to assert that the NFL has been fixing games since the early 2000s is weird and delusional. If that mattered, Ray Lewis probably wouldn’t have two Super Bowl rings.

The officiating was porous throughout the year. So, them botching things in critical moments isn’t a new concept.

Unfortunately for 49ers fans, there is far more blood on their hands regarding the Seattle loss than the officials.

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  1. I guess Colin Kaepernick three turnovers in the 4th quarter had no bearing at the end of the game? Championship teams overcome adversity. The 49ers failed that day. Stop whining you lost. Want to see a rigged game – try Super Bowl XL. Now that’s a game that was fixed.

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